A Bottle of Words


A Bottle of Words

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141003 Spica.S - Give Your Love @ Music Bank | pinstripes

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"Mom, I think I was a terrible sister".
- “I was a terrible mom”.

(Thread of Lies, 우아한 거짓말„ 2014)


This is why I love cats.

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On My Game Shelf: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Sword in hand, a warrior clutches stone to breast
In Sword etched he his fading memories
In stone, his tempered skill
By sword attested, by stone revealed
Their tale can now be told

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Cute and introverted Bbo @ Lee Sora’s Music Plaza ❤

2+3 /  edits/gifs of bohyung

spica being underrated is a blessing in disguise. because of this, hyori have to help them and x unnie happened. the bond and friendship they found in the process was so beautiful that i’m so thankful i’ve witnessed it in my stanning life. and it looks like they’re in the right track now so nothing to regret. happy 2nd anniversary spica! #2YearsWithSPICA

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